Harrogate Flowers on Show

Rhododendron buds

The Valley Gardens in Harrogate offer one of the best free flower shows in Harrogate. Down by the streamside there are strange plants like Skunk Cabbage and large leaved Gunneras with prehistoric looking flower spikes.
The other free show is the crocus on the stray in spring.

Gunnera flower

You can pay to visit Harlow Carr RHS gardens and see many fine plants and flowers on display with an emphasis on Alpines, Rhododendrons and rhubarb. Members get in free and can take a guest and there are other benefits of membership.

Skunk Cabbage

Skunk, not skank, cabbage appeals to me hence the second photograph.

Lysimachia punctata

The scent of the yellow Skunk Cabbage will not win any prizes or friends at the Harrogate Flower shows!

Harrogate Spring Flower Show


Spring show daffodil varieties on display showing one for each class.

Daffodil Exhibition display

The Autumn show is another delight for the enthusiast and speciality fanciers. The big vegetables always attract attention but it is the flowers in the show that get the most coverage by photographers.

These were prize winners at various Autumn shows Pink Carnation and Chrysanthemum classes.
Incurve Chrysanthemum
Below is one of the Fuchsia winners in a 4″ pot!
Louise Fucshia

Harrogate in bloom have a lot of detailed information for visitors to the spa town. I would recommend a visit in spring to get rid of any lingering winter blues.


Famous Pubs to Grouse About


The Famous Grouse whiskey is running a promotion pointing out Pubs around the country including Yorkshire that they say are famous. To my mind they are famous for selling this whiskey but anyway here is their Yorkshire selection

The Kings Arms York – famous for flooding as the river Ouse regularly entertains the weatherforecasters. Still popular with the Vikings who visit from Scandinavia via North sea ferries to pillage our shops.

Saville Arms Thornhill near Dewsbury. – One I now intend to visit, not because it is built on consecrated ground but for the untouched 1960’s decor and log fire.

The George and Dragon (of which there are many to chose from) in Hudswell North Yorkshire. A village co-operative venture that includes a very small shop and library.

The Minerva Hull – A favourite of mine for the Sea Shanty Festival in September. The fish and chips are to die for as many trawlermen must have done so in the past.

One of my pet internet hates is web sites that demand information and then still fail to deliver like Famous Grouse!

Do not bother visiting

http://www.thefamousgrouse.com – I have refused to give them a link, despite giving my date of birth and listening to an annoying trailer I wasn’t allowed further and I am over drinking age!


Visit Burnby Hall Pocklington for Water Lilies

Burton Agnes Pocklington

I do not know a lot about Water Lilies but I know a man who did. GARDENERS TIPS

Major Percy Stewart carved out the two lakes at Burnby Hall Gardens to provide private trout fishing for himself and his friends. In the 1950’s he planted a small collection of water lilies to beautify his trout lakes. Now this garden is home to a National Collection of Hardy Water Lilies. If you visit you will see why it is the biggest collection, of over 80 varieties, to be found in a natural setting in Europe.

The two lakes that contain the lilies are set in eight acres of beautiful gardens – including rock gardens, a natural shrubbery, formal beds, the Secret Garden, a Victorian Garden and many other attractions, details of which may be found here on our website.

The Gardens were the inspiration of Major Percy Stewart who, on his death in 1963, left his estate in Trust for the enjoyment of the people of Pocklington and the thousands of visitors who come from all over the world. The Stewart Museum in the Gardens provides a fascinating glimpse into his life.
Water Lilies

Tips for visiting Hardy Water Lilies

Water Lilies

‘Adventurer, traveller, scholar, philanthropist, soldier, collector, environmentalist Major Percy Marlborough Stewart was an extraordinary man: a descendant of the Earls of Galloway, godson of the Duke of Marlborough, and second cousin to Winston Churchill. He was born in 1871, one of the 14 children of the Reverend James Stewart, Rector of Little Stukely, Huntingdon. He gained a 1st Class Honours degree in Semitic Languages at Cambridge University.’ A great traveller he collected many artefacts that are now in state-of-the-art display cases at Burnby Hall Museum.

Water Lilies

Studley Royal also has water gardens to admire.


The Leeds Bourse and Reflections


A European financial institution, a Bourse is generally a stock exchange. In Leeds we are a bit different naming this office block The Bourse.

A shame that the European finances are not able to be duplicated as easily as the images in the window of our Bourse. Perhaps it is a sign that the Euro is so fragmented and likely to break into shards!


Leeds Plaza is named after a Spanish word meaning a “field” which describes an open urban public space, such as a city square. With our obsession with shopping every Mall must now incorporate a Plaza.

Polarized view

Harrogate Conference Center can polarise opinions but the building reflects the mood of the times. Should be bright skies but a cloud or too from over the horizon.


This reflection is not in Yorkshire but was a cloudy day at Victoria Coach station in London. The sky cleared enough to capture a picture that fits this theme.


President or Grand Supremo

Skipton no fly zone

Meet the West Yorkshire President

Huddersfield, 18 October, 12:45
A chance for members in Kirklees and Calderdale to hear about latest developments, ask about topical issues and raise any concerns. Book your place

Winging her way from Robin Hood Airport then hot footing it up the road network will be our unelected West Yorkshire president (some mistake surely ed)

The Lord-Lieutenant of West Yorkshire

Dr Ingrid M Roscoe BA, PhD, FSA
Despite being born in Rugby she was made a Deputy Lieutenant in 1994, Vice Lord-Lieutenant in 1999 and became the first lady Lord-Lieutenant in the north of England in 2004. She was High Steward of Selby Abbey from 2000 to 2008. She is a trustee of York Minster and of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Presidential Offices
President of the Royal British Legion in West Yorkshire
President of Calderdale Community Foundation
President of the Leeds Philharmonic Society
President, West Yorkshire Scouts
Not The West Yorkshire President referred to above.



Rights of Way – Rights of Bradfordians

bradford garden

Should this be called West Field or Bradford Folly Foot in mouth?
Without a better name ‘Temporary Park’ will have to do!

bradford1 022

It peeved lots of Braford citizens when Forster Square was decimated and the rights of way along Broadway were hacked around to suit the councils remodeling plans. Planning was approved over 8 years ago.
It is a bit rich telling us that making the eyesore slightly less ugly is not creating a new right of way.

I guess a right of way is the last thing Bradford folk want and if the council need more feed back then they should first act on what they have already been told. Councillors could reflect in the City Hall lake for example.
The next local elections is likely to demonstrate a total lack of belief in the council.

Clock that

See the internal photographs of the New Vic or Gaumont before 3 more years of abject neglect.


Web Design for Yorkshire Terriers

Not exactly what you might have been imagined when you ‘clicked’ and sorry if you were expecting pictures of Yorkshire Terriers rather than these pot dogs.

If you are interested in ‘Yorkies’ or  related local breeds  such as, Airedale, Working, Waterside,  Biewer, or Bingley Terriers. Or if you want to know  about the first registered Broken-Haired Scotch Terrier  which was ‘the foundation for the Yorkshire Terrier‘  and was called Huddersfield Ben born in 1865  then web searches will help you build up your knowledge and data base. If you want a web site to record you own pets pictures or boast about your breeding successes you might want to consider a cheap web site of your own.

On the other hand many people want to make pin money or a business out of their passion and hobby. To excel in any field you need to be found and recognised and for that a web designer might be able to put your venture on the right track. Sheffield has many good web designer businesses and digital media is a local strength.

You might expect the best web business for dog to be based in Barkisland.  Barkisland is a village in the civil parish of Ripponden, which is part of  Calderdale MDC  in the West Riding Yorkshire. Barkisland Hall is a grade I listed country house built for John Gledhill in 1638.  It was bought in 1967 by the friend of Harold Wilson,  Lord Kagan as the base to manufacture the Gannex raincoat. Where is Gannex now? See Goodbye Gannex


Treacle Mines of Pudsey Yorkshire

Have I stumbled on the last Yorkshire born Treacle Miner? Is he an off cumden and a treacle johnny come lately? You will have to judge for yourself by reading more on All Things Treacle. At least he has contributed the Pudsey treacle mine history that starts;
‘Pudsey Treacle goes back into time immemorial; back into the distant ages when the earth had just evolved from the swirling mists of archaic originations, aye before Genesis…..’
‘Cistercian monks at the nearby Kirkstall Abbey believed that there was a tributary of treacle from the main source at Pudsey running through the abbey’ and those monks stuck to their guns as was their habit.

More Treacle Mine History

Most treacle mines date back to the 17th century according to an entry in an old leather account book

In the summer of 1939 clouds were gathering over Europe but the people of Wymsey were preoccupied with a more parochial looming disaster – the closure of the Wymsey Treacle Mine. Treacle had been mined in Wymsey long before the Romans occupied Watchester (Cystcentum) in AD66.

In 2010 times are hard for the Treacle People. The once great treacle mines of Pudsey Yorkshire are running dry and the treacle industry is in trouble. TV documentary on Channel 4


Fiction is Stranger Than Truth

Due to dangerous working conditions Treacle Miners formed the National Union of Treaclers or Nuts for health and safety reasons. The first successful result was to insist on the wearing of wigs to protect heads. These were obviously called Syrups.

Moles in America eat lots of laxative sugar cane. After feasting they leave behind a terrible stench and that is what is called Moleasses.

Treacle Spongebob Squarepants is a real TV personality from Pudsey whilst his erstwhile cousin Spongebob Squarepants is a fictional character. (Sorry to disappoint you fans of the latter)



Putting The Wind Up East Heslerton


Can you see this sign or is there a wind farm in the way?
Well not quite a wind farm but yesterday there were a pair of lobbyists in the Pickering car park punting a slogan ‘yes to wind‘.

Members of green peace or not, these ‘consultants’ were pushing a commercial view point and vested interests. The focus was the proposed East Heslerton site with 10 turbines. They were operating on behalf of n-power renewables at .
Well not in my name thank you – I would say no to wind farms with my vote and if we get AV I would say no with all my other votes as well.

Most wind farm protests are local pressure groups. There is a need for a more considered and concerted approach to the issues so the debate can be properly joined. Divide and rule will deliver a hotch potch of turbines and on shore wind farms for the benefit of industry not the wider population.

Anti Wind Power View

  • The extra power generated is not worth the investment and disruption to local amenity.
  • 30 MW is the planned capacity but at probable levels of functionality the output will average less than 11MW and that is on a windy day.
  • I do not live in this backyard and am not worried about noise, birds or the visual environment but have concern for those who do.
  • Political dogma and vested interests have been joined at the hip on the issue of wind farms and there is a lack of integrity and clarity. Why else are people standing in car parks trying to convince passers by.
  • Other views and reports criticise wind farms as being inefficient, unreliable, unpredictable means of generation requiring expensive stand by capacity.
  • Subsidies are made available at a cost to the public purse and this ignores the relatively short life of the equipment.
  • Further investment in the grid may also be necessary to cope with wind surges.

Wind Farm


RWE npower renewables has submitted a planning application to Ryedale District Council for a wind farm approximately 12km east of Malton in the District of Ryedale press release

Wind Farm by Igor Motov on flickr 2 out of 9 without blades!

dutch 085

Old Dutch Wind farm


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