Tykes Don’t Talk Daft – New Culture

I am self identifying as having micro-aggression over woke wonkery and would like to exercise white privileged before returning to traditional old tyke speak.

I am partnered with a gender fluid Karen from the snowflake generation who is gas lighted as a QAnon & XR supporter.

Due to cultural appropriation the trope of a typical Yorkshireman or Womxn ignores my birth cisgender.

Before I am decentered and no platformed under cancel culture for manspreading I will succumb to ghosting as a hot airblower.

The Infodemic has led to victimology for my chumocracy that is part of a generation Z…….. sufferer to say nothing of an incel terrorist.

Fat-shaming of a tyke wont work for it is he ‘who eat all the pies’   #octothorpe #

In the fake-news land of USA a try hard, Donald Trump, believes he is entitled as a  purveyor of doxing so becoming a meme and covidiot. He needs defunding and humility in defeat ‘Gotcha’.

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