Let’s Hear It For Kingston upon Hull

Kingston upon Hull the 4th largest Yorkshire city is better known as Hull. As we move into a post pandemic era I would like to think Yorkshire folk will help support our less fortunate communities and that would certainly include Hull.

Issues for Hull

  • Hull is commercially and socially poor with higher than acceptable unemployment.
  • Since the damage caused during the blitz Hull has experienced intermittent decline over several decades. This has led to systemic deprivation, low educational attainment and high levels of crime in comparison to other cities.
  • Transport links do not match the aspirations of a a thriving port and a city once the UK’s capital of culture (2017).
  • Hull feels though it punches below its weight (despite John Prescott). It should move from the lightweight to the super heavyweight division

Positives for Hull

  • As a port on the humber estuary Hull has strong links with Europe and fishing industries. An idea place for a Freeport?
  • The location augers well for development of ‘green industry’ to augment existing employers and technology work.
  • William Wilberforce was a leader in the abolition of the slave trade. A first BLM advocate.
  • The Museums Quarter and civic art galleries show that culture can be found in and around Hull There is nightlife and excellent football and rugby teams. The cities facilities should help it be a more attractive holiday and trip location.

Give Hull your support as a visitor or tourist,  we will be there again soon

Old Light Ship on the River Hull

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