Yorkshire’s Antarctic Ancestors

If you are shivering and feeling the seasonal cold spare a thought for  our Yorkshire forefathers  who were early visitors to Antarctica. In 1525 a Spanish captain explored around the Horn. The passage of sea between antarctic and Argentina was named after Francis Drake after he demonstrated  that there was open water south of South America.

Sailors and Explorers

James Cook

Douglas Mawson born Yorkshire geologist explorer Macquarie island wild life sanctuary

William Scoresby scientist son of whaling captain William Scoresby, (born October 5, 1789, Cropton, near Whitby,  vicar in Bradford diocese

William Wales astronomer sailed on the Resolution with James Cook to observe the transit of Venus for the royal society

Frank Wild      Born near James Cook’s birthplace to whom he was distantly related. 1907 joined Ernest Shackleton for the second arctic expedition.

Whalers and Fishermen

Spare a thought for the various ship crews that set off from Yorkshire homes and ports to hunt whales, seals and Antarctic fish. They must have been brave to sail so far into such an inhospitable continental environment.

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