Yorkshire Before 1066

Yorkshire folk are a hardy species with a long and fascinating historical past these are just some indicative seminal times.

  • Jurassic period 140 million years ago between the Mesozoic era, Triassic and the Cretaceous period with marine conditions in Yorkshire but no human life.
  • Paleolithic man      10000 BC  some indications in Victoria caves Settle
  • Mesolithic man         7500 BC Stone-age possibly spreading around Pickering
  • Neolithic man            3000 BC      farming in the Wolds and potentially elsewhere
  • Bronze age                  1800 BC     ‘beaker folk’ nicknamed for the first pottery. Baildon Grassington and henges near Boroughbridge
  • Iron Age              500 BC Celts around the coast at Hunmanby and near Scarborough
  • Romans                80 AD came north to quell the local Brigantes and Parisi tribes fighting on North York moors,  Stanwick, & Scotch Corner as a protection from the Scots. Constantine       306 AD Emperor of York during the development of many religions and the introduction of Christianity. Withdrawal of Romans to defend Rome
  • Synod of Whitby    664 AD.  Saxons and Angles arriving from Germany and Denmark named villages with suffixes ham, ton, ley.
  • Viking Invasion     866 AD York and villages in the dales with names ending in thorpe, kirk, wick and by.
  • Stamford bridge  1066 AD King Harold Godwinson led English army in a battle against invading Vikings whilst William was conquering.
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