Gaudi In Yorkshire

Earlier this year GOC threatened to start a series of chimney photographs. Little did we know that Antoni Gaudi the Spanish designer and architect had left his mark on Yorkshire with his chimneys.We didn’t know because in all probability he hadn’t! In fact Yorkshire left our mark on his chimney designs during the industrial revolution.

Chimneys  after a night on the sangria.                         CC BY-SA 2.5 wikimedia commons

a forge Work-a-Day Sheffield Jotter R Tucks yorkshire - PICRYL - Public Domain Media Search Engine Public Domain Image

Sheffield forge chimneys with appropriate smoke. I bet the workers were ready for pints of Wards (Vaux), Stones, (Bass)  and Tennant’s not necessarily or exclusively in that order. 30 Sheffield breweries used to exist to slake the thirst of steel town workers. Visiting pubs run by them was called forging a pub crawl.

Smoke gets in your Ey by Gum

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