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In Yorkshire we don’t give false praise or butter up the none believers. Take us as you find us in God’s Own County.

On the Global Web

Our reputation and international presence goes before us but Yorkshire folk are also semi-social media gurus.

  1. Find us on spoof domains such as,, Texan Tykes,, and most importantly of course
  2. Snap-chat is what you do over a sarnie. Long before T’internet was invented What-app was Yorkshire dialect for what is causing you concern. Off your facebook was caused by too much Tetleys Bitter, pin your ‘ear’oles back if your interested but Ticktock it’s pasttime you Reddit.
  3. Ee-by gum has been approved by Sensativity readers in Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Hieroglyphics (only joking about that bit). We regret ‘ya daft hapeth’ has been excluded from Roald Dahl books as it may offend Lancastrians.
  4. The mega Meta global event is launching a TransOceanic Yacht Race from Hull to Hobart featuring boats from Holland, Hong Kong, Honduras, Haiti and even land locked Hungary.
  5. Click bait your grouse and pheasant for moorland shooting

Global TV From Yorkshire

It is impossible to single out any one TV series set in Yorkshire as there are so many internationally renown programmes to choose from.

  1. A top 10 would include old standards like : -Downton Abbey
  2. AllĀ  Creatures Great and Small.
  3. Heartbeat
  4. Gentleman Jack
  5. Last of the Summer Wine
  6. Emmerdale
  7. A Touch of Frost
  8. Last Tango in Halifax
  9. Happy Valley
  10. Ackley Bridge

What a Yorkshire boxed set that would make. Are you watching ITV Yorkshire aka (YTV)

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