Open and Shut

Is York St Mary’s an entrance you can use or a no entry sign that you shouldn’t. This sign was erected for the Van Gough Experience. I tried to enter at the start of the exhibition but there was still erection work going on inside hence the shut signs. Regrettably I was unable to go and see the exhibition when it was open and now, as Visit York now say ‘we are following government policy and strongly advising all visitors to stay home and stay safe. This means not visiting York, even for the day, until the current situation has passed’. 

W Wells & Sons Ginger beer suppliers of Ripon has long been out of Fizz and I think it is one of the naturally shut places. I didn’t know ginger beer came from wells! As an aside this company was one of the licensees of the Codd patent of 1872 on a glass bottle, originally made at Hope Glass Works in Barnsley. A Codd bottle has a marble in the neck to keep it shut to retain the effervescence.

Bowling Green Otley

This pub is now open or rather it is not due to covid-19 restrictions. Right now it would be open as a Wetherspoons if it wasn’t shut. This photo was when it was shut to be refurbished before it was open, so I hope that is clear.

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