Yorkshire Roads Top Ten Problems

Now the biggest road problem is abandoned yellow ‘Tour’ bikes it is time to get more serious.

Manningham road

Sometime ago the Yorkshire Post was reporting that ‘More than two-thirds (68%) of AA members using the region’s roads believed they have got worse over the past 10 years’. Seven thousand members reckoned road surfaces were much worse and I don’t think anything has improved.

Top Ten Complaints

  1. Speed bumps that are poorly maintained and damage your tyres.
  2. Road works  that  last too long and are badly organised. Have you been north on the A1 recently?
  3. Street furniture that is badly placed, badly maintained or badly in need of replacement. (eg the traffic light control panel above)
  4. Pot holes ( and I do not mean caves like Ingelton ….  Mmmm I’m not so sure now).
  5. Utility road works that haven’t been reinstated correctly. ( some drivers swerve to avoid the patch work on roads).
  6. Excess road markings in some areas and worn out markings where needed. (I have got my cats eyes on this one).
  7. Minor infringements that are not policed, no lights on skips left at the side of roads, double parking causing obstructions, abuse of bus lanes etc.
  8. Increase in the number of road closures to help construction when planning would keep them open.
  9. Standing water and poor drainage during our summer rain (and in winter snow come to that).
  10. Corrugated and badly surfaced roads, loose chippings and unintended skid pans.

The modern equivalent of the Cone Hot Line is  Fix my Street. com where you can put in your postcode and leave a complaint.

Take a lump of Tarmac into your pub and have a stiff drink plus one for the road.

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