Yorkshires Top Ten Driver Problems

Aston Martin Bad Parking

A couple of years ago we reported about our Yorkshire Roads Top Ten Problems. Nothing much has changed and the list remains pretty much the same with maintenance, speed bumps and minor niggles well to the fore.
Now is the time to look at Driver inflicted problems

Top Ten Complaints About Drivers

  1. Poor and late signaling particularly prevalent at roundabouts.
  2. Breaking the law by using mobile phones, texting or other distractions
  3. Tail gating especially to try crash through traffic lights or to get the driver in front to speed up.
  4. Inconsiderate parking near road junctions or adrift from the kerb.
  5. Inconsiderate parking taking up two spaces.
  6. Overtaking too close by lorries and buses
  7. Not giving cyclists enough room or consideration.
  8. Speeding and driving too fast for the local conditions.
  9. Turning unannounced or pulling out wide for a turn.
  10. Pushing-in rather than the Yorkshire way of waiting your turn and filtering alternately.

Cutting into lane, ala bad driving skills
Photo Credits
Cutting into lane, ala bad driving skills by byte CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Aston Martin Bad Parking by sarflondondunc CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
I couldn’t find bad Yorkshire Drivers it must be all me.

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