Funny and Comic T Shirts Slogans

There’s a little riverside town name York that is noted for T shirts and fun – here are about 100 slogans and comic quips for your next T Shirt.


Who put the wet in Wetwang

Who put the naff in Nafferton

Who put the dint in Dent

Who put the or in Orgreave

Who put the Hor in Hornsea

It is a good job Scunthorpe is outside Yorkshire for this purpose.

At this seasonal time it is easy to reflect on the truism ‘there is no room at the bin’.

If you get a knock on the door by someone selling vacuums are they Jo Hoovers Witnesses.


For more slogans click the pictures to enlarge.

Unusual and interesting Yorkshire

‘I Never Knew That About Yorkshire’ from amazon

North Yorkshire Deliciously Moorish T shirt offer

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