Yorkshire Independence Party

Today the party for an Independent Yorkshire State (PIYS) made a bold claim to stake complete independence from the UK. The Yorkshire Independence Party has vowed to stand up for the principles of honesty, truthfulness, hard graft and respect for the all the people who have made Yorkshire their home. Beware the Yorkshire Republic opposition.


As the Yorkshire White Rose flag was hung over Humberside County Council – reclaiming the East Riding for the Republic of Greater Yorkshire, there was great rejoicing and the people of Yorkshire were ‘reet made up.

The new Yorkshire Parliament has already promised:

  • Bring back old fashioned weights and measures – including – lbs, stones, inches, furlongs, chains and thr’penny bits.
  • Offer free Yorkshire puddings to old age pensioners
  • Remove VAT for flat caps
  • Impose tariff barriers on Southern beer and Lancashire Hot Pot.
  • Campaign for whippet racing and Coal carrying to becoming Olympic sports
  • Make Yorkshire dialect compulsory learning in schools.
  • More controversially have been the plans to build a customs barrier stretching across the Pennines between the Yorkshire and Lancashire border. The Lancastrian independence movement has responded coldly to today’s developments. There was widespread dismay that yet again Yorkshire had beaten Lancashire.
  • It’s our coal! – too long have southerners enjoyed high living standards on the back of Yorkshire toil and the Yorkshire black gold dust from pits in Featherstone and Doncaster. Yorkshire Independence will mean we can reap the financial windfall of our own coal.
  • Geoffrey Boycott speaking as the New President of the Republic of Yorkshire said.

“Ey by eck, It’s a grand day to finally have our independence from the rest of those southerners. Long live Yorkshire!”

But, should Yorkshire be allowed to keep the Pound Sterling?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Governor of the Bank of England have both warned of the dangers of a single currency with a region more at home trading cloth caps and ferrets.

Grumbleside to declare Independence from Yorkshire!

Breaking news!

June 2016 – The tiny local council of Grumbleside on the edge of the North York Moors has voted to declare it’s independence from Yorkshire.

“We can’t be doing with all these people from south of Yorkshire coming here and taking our jobs, driving down the price of ferrets and being ruled by those unelected, unaccountable commissionaires in Harrogate. We need to regain our freedom to have bendy village poles and drink full pint measures of ale!”

Grumblexit is likely to trigger more independence claims with the great city of Leeds saying they are better off going it alone, not shackled to the fortunes of all the foreigners on the other side of the Leeds-Liverpool canal.

How will the English football league cope without footballing giants like Doncaster Rovers and Bradford Park Avenue?

The Premier league is reporting interest in a creating a rival Yorkshire Premier League

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Yorkshire medal table Olympics

How Big is Yorkshire?

Do the boundaries of Yorkshire really stretch as far north as Hadrian’s Wall? Archaeological evidence from The Woolpack in Embsay, suggests that it might do.

Update – Vote Yes for a Free and independent Yorkshire  

Breaking News!!!!

The Yorkshire Independence Party sweep to power in a shock general election victory! – find out what it means for you, your family and your whippets.

This morning, the UK awoke to the shock news that the Yorkshire Independence Party had swept to power in a landslide majority. Overthrowing the incumbent Labour party, and beating off the heavily fancied Tories and Lib Dems – the YIP has swept to power all across the country.The party leader Arthur Boycott was in ebullient mood.

“Well, I always thought we would do well in the East Riding, and in the South of Yorkshire, but, I have to admit we were pretty pleased to sweep the border into Nottinghamshire, especially since we didn’t field any candidates there. I think there’s a growing realisation that the Yorkshire Independence Party is the only main party who can grapple with the problems of National Debt, health care and the economy, whilst at the same time offering free Yorkshire puddings to the over 65s and making whippet racing an Olympic sport.”

It is not clear when the Yorkshire Independence Party will implement their controversial policy of border controls with Lancashire. Immigration was a hot topic in the election, with recent evidence of many thousands of Lancastrians crossing the Pennines to seek a better life in the land of flat caps and real ale. The YIP party have often stated that whilst they can understand why people are flocking into Yorkshire, there are only so many immigrants from t’other side of border that can be accommodated.

Now the Yorkshire Independence Party have swept to power in Westminster, it is only a matter of time before a fully free and independent Yorkshire emerges. Naturally, the new country of Yorkshire will be based on the original boundaries reclaiming lost territory from Cumbria and Humberside. Ancient land rights pre-dating the Normal Conquest, state that the original borders of Yorkshire went as far as the lowlands of Scotland. This could be a major complication in Scotland’s own bid for independence.

According to article in the Daily Telegraph

Yorkshire has the best case for devolution credibility in the UK

Devolutionary credibility: 11/10

“The Yorkshire devolution movement may be fairly small but my, is it feisty. The largest historic county in the United Kingdom has a population the size of Scotland and an economy twice the size of Wales – and some residents feel Yorkshire’s identity doesn’t get enough recognition as just one part of Great Britain. A nation state of Yorkshire would already have a national cuisine (Wensleydale cheese and Yorkshire puddings), a strong literary culture (the Bronte sisters), and perform well at the Olympics – Yorkshire would have come 12th in 2012 if it had competed as its own country. Geoffrey Boycott could be a strong contender for state figurehead, but let’s not encourage this trend – Yorkshire’s flat caps are at the heart of Britishness, and there they should remain.”



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