Yorkshire Independence Party

Today the party for an Independent Yorkshire State (PIYS) made a bold claim to stake complete independence from the UK. The Yorkshire Independence Party has vowed to stand up for the principles of honesty, truthfulness, hard graft and respect for the all the people who have made Yorkshire their home. Beware the Yorkshire Republic opposition.


As the Yorkshire White Rose flag was hung over Humberside County Council – reclaiming the East Riding for the Republic of Greater Yorkshire, there was great rejoicing and the people of Yorkshire were ‘reet made up.

The new Yorkshire Parliament has already promised:

  • Bring back old fashioned weights and measures – including – lbs, stones, inches, furlongs, chains and thr’penny bits.
  • Offer free Yorkshire puddings to old age pensioners
  • Remove VAT for flat caps
  • Impose tariff barriers on Southern beer and Lancashire Hot Pot.
  • Campaign for whippet racing and Coal carrying to becoming Olympic sports
  • Make Yorkshire dialect compulsory learning in schools.
  • More controversially have been the plans to build a customs barrier stretching across the Pennines between the Yorkshire and Lancashire border. The Lancastrian independence movement has responded coldly to today’s developments. There was widespread dismay that yet again Yorkshire had beaten Lancashire.
  • It’s our coal! – too long have southerners enjoyed high living standards on the back of Yorkshire toil and the Yorkshire black gold dust from pits in Featherstone and Doncaster. Yorkshire Independence will mean we can reap the financial windfall of our own coal.
  • Geoffrey Boycott speaking as the New President of the Republic of Yorkshire said.

“Ey by eck, It’s a grand day to finally have our independence from the rest of those southerners. Long live Yorkshire!”

But, should Yorkshire be allowed to keep the Pound Sterling?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Governor of the Bank of England have both warned of the dangers of a single currency with a region more at home trading cloth caps and ferrets.

Grumbleside to declare Independence from Yorkshire!

Breaking news!

June 2016 – The tiny local council of Grumbleside on the edge of the North York Moors has voted to declare it’s independence from Yorkshire.

“We can’t be doing with all these people from south of Yorkshire coming here and taking our jobs, driving down the price of ferrets and being ruled by those unelected, unaccountable commissionaires in Harrogate. We need to regain our freedom to have bendy village poles and drink full pint measures of ale!”

Grumblexit is likely to trigger more independence claims with the great city of Leeds saying they are better off going it alone, not shackled to the fortunes of all the foreigners on the other side of the Leeds-Liverpool canal.

How will the English football league cope without footballing giants like Doncaster Rovers and Bradford Park Avenue?

The Premier league is reporting interest in a creating a rival Yorkshire Premier League

Breaking News!!!!

Yorkshire medal table Olympics

How Big is Yorkshire?

Do the boundaries of Yorkshire really stretch as far north as Hadrian’s Wall? Archaeological evidence from The Woolpack in Embsay, suggests that it might do.

Update – Vote Yes for a Free and independent Yorkshire  

Breaking News!!!!

The Yorkshire Independence Party sweep to power in a shock general election victory! – find out what it means for you, your family and your whippets.

This morning, the UK awoke to the shock news that the Yorkshire Independence Party had swept to power in a landslide majority. Overthrowing the incumbent Labour party, and beating off the heavily fancied Tories and Lib Dems – the YIP has swept to power all across the country.The party leader Arthur Boycott was in ebullient mood.

“Well, I always thought we would do well in the East Riding, and in the South of Yorkshire, but, I have to admit we were pretty pleased to sweep the border into Nottinghamshire, especially since we didn’t field any candidates there. I think there’s a growing realisation that the Yorkshire Independence Party is the only main party who can grapple with the problems of National Debt, health care and the economy, whilst at the same time offering free Yorkshire puddings to the over 65s and making whippet racing an Olympic sport.”

It is not clear when the Yorkshire Independence Party will implement their controversial policy of border controls with Lancashire. Immigration was a hot topic in the election, with recent evidence of many thousands of Lancastrians crossing the Pennines to seek a better life in the land of flat caps and real ale. The YIP party have often stated that whilst they can understand why people are flocking into Yorkshire, there are only so many immigrants from t’other side of border that can be accommodated.

Now the Yorkshire Independence Party have swept to power in Westminster, it is only a matter of time before a fully free and independent Yorkshire emerges. Naturally, the new country of Yorkshire will be based on the original boundaries reclaiming lost territory from Cumbria and Humberside. Ancient land rights pre-dating the Normal Conquest, state that the original borders of Yorkshire went as far as the lowlands of Scotland. This could be a major complication in Scotland’s own bid for independence.

According to article in the Daily Telegraph

Yorkshire has the best case for devolution credibility in the UK

Devolutionary credibility: 11/10

“The Yorkshire devolution movement may be fairly small but my, is it feisty. The largest historic county in the United Kingdom has a population the size of Scotland and an economy twice the size of Wales – and some residents feel Yorkshire’s identity doesn’t get enough recognition as just one part of Great Britain. A nation state of Yorkshire would already have a national cuisine (Wensleydale cheese and Yorkshire puddings), a strong literary culture (the Bronte sisters), and perform well at the Olympics – Yorkshire would have come 12th in 2012 if it had competed as its own country. Geoffrey Boycott could be a strong contender for state figurehead, but let’s not encourage this trend – Yorkshire’s flat caps are at the heart of Britishness, and there they should remain.”



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41 Responses to Yorkshire Independence Party

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  4. Chris says:

    I can’t help thinking a Party for an Independent Yorkshire State (PIYS) might be a more appropriate organisation…

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  6. Jason Chambers says:

    I really do think Yorkshire should govern itself. The population in Yorkshire is 5 million approx, just about the same as Scotland. So if somebody does form a Yorkshire independance Party, count me in. A sentiment I feel would be echoed around the county.


  7. Karl says:

    Maybe then we won’t be judged as southern snobs, but as hard working, pub loving, anti-southern (lol) Yorkshire people. We’ve got a good enough population to get us going and we don’t need London to decide on how to dictate our lives. Also if Scotland doesn’t get it’s independence before us, I think we can show our support to the Scots for their independence and get along with them and same for the welsh. Good Idea or not? We may be a small county but small things can make a huge difference.

  8. Dom says:

    This is clearly the movement for me

  9. David Gallagher says:

    i fully support the idea of an autonomous independent yorkshire. im definately going to start a party or a organisation that will strive for it.

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  11. David says:

    As a born and bred Yorkshireman I fully support this movement. I am currently living in Australia spreading the word, pity they can’t understand me.

  12. PAUL says:

    Can we ave subsidised dog food for us whippets and an bigger pint glasses, so we can ave an ed on’t beer without loosin owt ?

  13. Hello,

    Whilst we appreciate this is a spoof, it does raise an important issue. Our movement seeks to create a network of like-minded individuals to campaign for the creation of a devolved Yorkshire Assembly.

    We’d be incredibly appreciative if you added us to your blogroll, the more publicity, the better..

    Best wishes

  14. Adrian says:

    Can we build the Pennines up a bit, ban Eccles cakes and Boddingtons, and launch an aircraft carrier? If we charge entry to Yorkshire, our border control will certainly be self funding. Why not copyright the recipes for Wensleydale cheese, pontefract cakes and Yorkshire pud?

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  16. G Ven says:

    I left England fifty years ago because of: the monarchy, the gentry, public schools, privilege, the church of England and Westminster. An indepenent Yorkshire? ……. If only! If only! If only!……….I would return tomorrow.

    • 2WheelsGood says:

      …Because of course they don’t ‘ave the monarchy, gentry, public schools, the Church of England, them Italian type Pizzas what look like a giraffes bin sick on a bread board, nice food, decent weather, lager and other children’s drinks, etc etc in Yorkshire. – Them’s fer they bas****s in Lancashire.
      The Peoples Democratic Republic of 34 Acacia Drive, Barnsley shall secede from your republic and declare war on the lot of you! (and Scotland an all)

  17. P Mac says:

    We need to campaign for a Yorkshire Assembly. This will be easy to achieve considering it’s what we were supposed to have years ago!

    The danger is that many simply want an “English Parliament” – this will make absolutely no difference to at present due to England having more than 80% of the UK’s population. An “English Parliament” will mean the southern toffs still having their way.

    Campaign for a Yorkshire Assembly – Yorkshire forever!

  18. RolftheGanger says:

    Many a truth spoken in jest!
    May you evolve to be a genuine Yorkshire Party.
    Best wishes from a lifelong SNP supporting Scot, equally having a lifelong respect and regard for Yorkshire people and the Northern English more generally..

    The joint aim is getting rid of the self-destructive stranglehold of the vested interests (of all major parties and others) in artificially creating and maintaining cultural, social, economic and political dominance for and by SE England; to the detriment of the wellbeing of the rest of the current UK and paradoxically, the strangling of their own SE interests.

    Suggested policies:
    Parliament of England relocated to York.
    English Ministeries redistributed on a functional and population basis to bases in Yorkshire, the N, Midlands, West and East of England. Anywhere but London.
    The Cenotaph rededicated at a suitable site in Huddersfield.
    Financial regulatory authority to be based in Halifax.
    Ministry of Defence army control to Catterick.
    You get the idea!

    England will be a ‘healthier’ more prosperous place if a real Yorkshire Party gets up and going. Do yourself and the rest of the English a real favour. With warm regards to all the genuine decent folk of Yorkshire.
    Alba gu bragh and Yorkshire forever!

  19. RolftheGanger says:

    Quote from The guardian 10 Sept 2011
    England might have a Parliament in Leeds rather than London and then the civil service jobs and the media jobs would move north. No doubt other interests would follow the Parliament and the power which again would take jobs from London and enrich the North.
    Westminster is a major factor in the development of London’s economy and London’s growth has been achieved thanks to disproportionately higher pay in and around the capital as well as high government spending. Take all that away and what then?
    Is the north really so destitute? I would certainly argue that the North has suffered from having high interest rates which were needed to dampen inflation in London when the North needed low interest rates to help regenerate an industrial base. Perhaps if that had happened our economy now wouldnt be in such dire straights. I have every faith that, given an even playing field, the North has the capacity to lift itself, and the nation, out of the economic mire.

  20. Andycap says:

    champion website! my mam allus said ‘if ever tha’ does owt fer nowt, mek sure tha does it fer thi sen.’ bah’t time Yorkshire did fer our selves!

  21. Ed says:

    Great Idea.

    Ear all, see all, say nowt
    Eat all, sup all, pay nowt,

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  24. James says:

    If we get the Yorkshire public to vote this through, it would be amazing! This is my dreams!

  25. Dave says:

    What is up with you minorities the Scots hate you and they hate the rest of England how dare you dishonour your English ancestors and the rest of the English by thinking of independence from the nation that was formed by the blood of our people. Your Germanic ancestors fought against the Celtic enemies along with the rest of England and you would rather support Scotland. please rethink what you say. you are Englishmen and you should be extremely proud.

    • Siegfried says:

      Dave, we Scots love the Yorkshire people. They’re very similar to us and have a great sense of humour. Who among the Scots hasn’t holidayed there? Personally, I went to Filey and Scarborough every year as a kid and still (in my 40s) return to York once a year. My Scottish grandad lived for 30 years in Doncaster and felt at home there. He was made to feel at home and his neighbours were always really kind to me. By the way, I love Cumbria and the Lake District too and my other half comes from Lancashire, which I visit regularly (sorry Yorkshire people!).

      None of that has got anything to do with why the Scots want independence. The Belgians wouldn’t like to be governed from Amsterdam, the Canadians wouldn’t like to be governed from New York, the French wouldn’t like to be governed from Berlin, and the English wouldn’t like to be governed from anywhere else either.

      There’s no question but that the south-east of England rules the show and feathers their own nest first. That’s not to say that there aren’t any decent people in the south of England. Of course there are (there are everywhere) but they’re led by petty-minded chauvinists who put the wealthy and privileged before everyone else.

      Maybe they’re right up your strasse, Dave? Anyone who uses archaic, Wagnerian language about the spilling of blood and Germanic ancestors, and who would probably back it up with ‘scholarship’ as neanderthal as his forehead, is clearly either a half-wit or a Nazi, which in my book means the same thing. Get lost in Gaegelow, where no doubt you can be just as EXTREMEly proud. Self-determination, social progression and respectful internationalism are the only antidotes to the narrow-minded protectionism peddled by dolts like you.

      ‘Mon Yorkshire!

  26. Elmetian says:

    Dave – for English see Angles – where did the Angles settle? Not in the south, that’s where the Saxons settled (Essex. Sussex, Wessex) The Angles settled in Northumbria, Mercia and (oddly enough) Anglia. So the English are not the Saxons of the south and as a result we have no allegiance to our greedy southern masters. When you say Celtic (a word invented in the 18th century to describe most of the tribes in pre-roman europe) you actually mean British. The indigenous peoples of these islands before the influx of germanics after the fall of Rome were actually the original British. The Angles, Saxons, Frisians, Jutes et al didn’t practise wholesale slaughter and displace these people – they integrated. So we (Yorkshiremen) can claim to have British, Angle and Scandiniavian ancestory. This being the case, why should we give allegiance to the system descended from the Norman invaders that subjected us to the Harrowing of the North (look it up). Like as not – this country was built on the back of Yorkshire. Where do you think the Tudors got the wood for the fleet that defeated the Spanish and French? They got it from the ancient oaks of Sherwood Forest (most of which used to be in Yorkshire – ignore the current Notts propaganda). Iron, Steel, Coal, wool – all the things that the industrial revolution was built upon came mostly from where? You guessed it.
    We need to shake off the yoke of the southern money launderers and stand on our feet. Be Yorkshire – be Proud

  27. Tim Buckley says:

    I thought this may be a serious movement supporting the independence of Yorkshire from Westminster & the Home Counties. Then I saw the “Not to Join the EU” line and realized the site was a joke. Good one though, you nearly had me fooled….

  28. Jonathan says:

    We should seriously consider going on the offensive to protect ourselves in Yorkshire and persue independance from the UK. We should then look to charge the country for the power we provide some 70 % is generated here. Charge tariffs for food and meat and yorkshire produce.We should have our own tourism body and charge for the use of Hull port. We should then plough all our taxes back into creating jobs and looking after our own, as for the pillocks in westminister………….they actually supported and funded Edinburgh’s bid for the Tour De France!!! They starve us of funding , and have done little for flood abatement in our county.

  29. Geoff Boycott says:

    I realise this site is a spoof but is anyone actually interested in setting up a real political party for Yorkshire?
    It would cost about £150 to register, I’ve been considering it for a while but I’m not willing to stump up the fee if nobody takes it seriously. Instead of merely talking about it with idle enthusiasm, in the words of a well-known Star Trek character played by a leading Yorkshire thespian ‘Make it so!’

  30. David Austin says:

    Sign me up

  31. peter says:

    why not just form a parliment, and force the independence debate for yorkshire,just cut out the crap and do it,let everyone who ownes property declare there property a republic allied to the yorkshire republic, that would through cat amung the pigions if westminster could not cream money from yorkshire and instead had to support local councils becourse all the independant republics refused council tax and only paid for services they used ie bin collection

  32. Paul Mellors says:

    If Scotland get independence, then Yorkshire is next. I will move back from the South to support it.

  33. Sam says:

    Yexit? Why not? Republic of Yorkshire sounds good to me!

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  36. indy says:

    Cab North Derbyshire join you and leave the London centric UK,