Waterfalls in God’s Own County

‘It never rains but it pours.’ In Yorkshire we get the odd drop of rain and to prove my point here are photos of some of our God’s Own County’s waterfalls.

Hardraw 001

A mile and a half from Hawes is the estate that houses Hardraw Force a thirty foot drop waterfall. Access is on to private land and is controlled by access through the Green Dragon pub. The old fashioned pub is great with a log fire in the middle of August and some good beer on sale.


This location is well known as a site for Brass Band competitions. There is a natural amphitheater and an open roofed, dry stone walled band stand. The seating was piled up in a heap and more attention was paid to the rental of accommodation which serves as a resting place on the Pennine Way which passes through the village of Hardraw.

Hardraw 009

The cost £2.50 to see the Force was not high but neither was the experience. The best paths were closed on health and safety grounds and I was under-impressed with the hard nosed attitude of the matron in charge!


Janet's Foss, Malham, Yorkshire
Janet’s Foss, Malham, Yorkshire by Simon Starr

Ingleton 022
Ingleton is famous for the run of waterfalls


Below is Force Gill Waterfall 290405 by Yorkshiresoul cc SA 2.0
Force Gill Waterfall 290405

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