Vote Yes for an Independent Yorkshire

This coming September, Yorkshire has the unparalleled opportunity to seek its own future – independent of Westminster and those London folk!

Vote Yes, for a free and democratic Greater Republic of an Independent and Proud Yorkshire!

It’s time for the land of Rugby League, coal mines and whippets to stand up for our rights to forge a new independent nation.

‘From God’s own county to God’s own country!

In Yorkshire we trust!

Yorkshire Tea

Five years from now, where could an Independent Yorkshire be?

  • A global leader in Rhubarb exports
  • Greater international prestige for claiming Yorkshire’s long-standing right to host the international World Whippet Racing Championship.
  • Unleash the vast riches hidden in the South Yorkshire coal fields. In an independent Yorkshire, you’ll never have to pay tax again!
  • End the abomination of Humberside!
  • Now’t taken out of Yorkshire dialect.
  • Free Yorkshire puddings for all over 85s provided on NHS.

See: The manifesto of the ‘People’s liberation front for an independent and free Republic of Greater Yorkshire

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