Weather Forecast – Forecasters will get it Wrong

Global warming in a year when the overall world temperature has again gone down continues to excite the many pressure groups with and without vested interests.

‘Crystal balls’ is the Sunday Telegraph quote of the week.If you use one be prepared to eat ground glass.
“A good forecaster is not smarter than everyone else, he merely has his ignorance better organised.”
‘It is said there are two types of forecasts … lucky or wrong!’
The weather forecasters have been getting crossed wires this summer but that isn’t news, I guess. The day I took this photograph of these power cables crossing the moor near Bolton Abbey it was supposed to be cloudy and rainy. Well those sort of clouds I can put up with!

If you are interested in Local weather stations there are 3 in Yorkshire at Ribblehead, Upper Wharfedale and Lower Wharfedale under the brand ‘my local weather’.  Their interesting little web site complements the data gathering and shows real time wind direction and strength together with barometric pressure and a host of other features. This is the link for Lower Wharefdale

There are other weather monitoring web sites with data from Yorkshire and elsewhere. Try weather monitoring for Melton East Yorkshire, Hatfield South Yorkshire and Sowerby Bridge West  Yorkshire amongst others plus sites in the larger cities.  Select your locality and compare how you are doing against other areas North Featherstone for example has gone 5 days without rain and the temperature as I write is 15.2°C. (Sorry they don’t do temperature in Fahrenheit and I don’t know how the rest of Featherstone are getting on for weather)

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