Shed Street Keighley – Our Environment

Some streets and places have names that hint at a former life. Who didn’t shed a tear of laughter at Tony Hancock and his eponymous home No 23 Railway Cuttings East Cheam. What is no laughing matter is the state of rubbish and litter in this quiet Keighley street. Lest you think the council are on their way to collect the over flowing trade bins below is how Shed Street itself looked.

Houses on the street sell for well under £100,000 (£78,000 in March 2017) and it is not a surprise when you consider this litter strewn environment. Keighley has the ability to regenerate itself and create a dynamic community founded on old traditional values and the local industrial heritage.

Environmental Comments

  • Waste minimisation needs far more attention. Mantras like reuse, recycle, repurpose need a  reality check as they are not making enough impact.
  • Self help and combined local action can help. Organised clean ups, self tipping (you may as well use those cars to take items to the tip) or get local councils to collect bulky waste.
  • Cobbled streets are hard to maintain and keep clean especially when parked cars cover debris.
  • Individual bins are hard to store in back to back or through terrace houses to say nothing of bin lorry access.
  • Trade waste elimination via consultation with suppliers would be a start and look at these plastic bags. Proper sorting and some form of compaction is called for.
  • Finally ‘shed’ a tear for the marine life that is suffering from all the plastic that finds its way into our rivers and seas. Keep the Aire Valley clean and plastic free.

North Queen Street corner of Shed St Keighley 9/1/18

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