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A stake in the Environment

With my new found interest in the visual environment I looked back over seven years of God’s Own County blogs and came across this farm dump. It was originally posted as  ‘Hag Farm Dales Way Wharfedale’ but  I need to return to the site as I am sure it has been cleared up to an extent and the ice cream stall taken to a museum. Following the Shed Street urban landscape comments it is interesting to note that the rural landscape can also have its waste disposal issues.

Original Environmental Issues

  • What crops are grown on the Ebor Way – Dales Way Leeds link? Duff tractors?
  • Hag Farm in Burley in Wharfedale shows off the best crop of rusty old equipment you will see this side of Bowness.
  • Walk down Bleachmill Lane from Menston and across a couple of styles to see farming Hag style!

037Na then Ducks

    • Like many other farmers they seem to have produced a good crop of black plastic for the last few years.
    • On a more recent visit I was interested to see the large diameter cylinders have been replaced by new, cube shaped bales. Now farmers will be able to stack them higher.


Perceived Plastic Pollution 

  • One of the great beauties of the dales landscapes is the old barns dotted up the valleys. I know it is too idealistic to expect them to still be used for storage of animal’s winter feed but who wonders  at the black  plastic bales? How many plastic wrappers are recycled?
  • Another good modern crop is of tyres found in great quantity at several spots on Hag Farm. At first I thought it may be the spare tyres the dales walkers are trying to work off. Then I realised the exercisers idea was to make spare tyres invisible – not at all what is happening.

041Well trod treds

    • After your walk you may be fancying refreshing ice cream, drink, sweets or ice lolly. Well it is not only the ice cream that is flaky.

047Buy One and Stop One

  • Burley in Wharfedale publish several walks that pass Hag Farm link.
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