Sex Work in Holbeck

Basis Yorkshire Ltd  – is one of those invaluable ‘hands on’, smaller charities that work with sectors of society that do not attract a great deal of charitable support. Its work is not helped by nimby protesters against Leeds legal red light zone in Holbeck

‘The charity’s principal activity is the protection and preservation of good health of women and young people who are, or who are at risk of becoming involved in prostitution in the city of  Leeds.  Information on the charities own web site  or get contact details from Charity commission reg no.1120350.

‘Helping with outreach in Holbeck – offering hot drinks, food, condoms and a friendly conversation – is my small way of making an active contribution to Basis’ incredible work. It is one thing to talk about an important cause, it is quite another to go out and meet the people you want to support’. A Current volunteer

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