Printers Still In Business

Thank goodness that there are many British and Yorkshire printing companies still in business.
The digital age of texting, tweeting, poking and what have you is all very well but I like ink on paper. (Is it OK to say Kindling?).

Leeds Sports Centre Print

I do not usually go to the sports centre for my fix of ink on paper. However at Fridays badminton game I was like an amorous shellfish and pulled a muscle.
After an early shower and waiting for my fit opponents, I lurked around reception reading the usual flyers for local attraction, theater programmes, visitor attractions and the like. Then I discovered a printers delight, enough bumph for an ink sniffers orgy:
Free large format magazines were available in addition to the local free newspaper.
‘Sport’ a 62 page weekly seems sensible fodder for a sports centre.
‘Shortlist’ for film, cars, news, tech etc seems a bit too lifestyle for for the fit and energetic but wait until you see the other magazines.
Thirdly was ‘Freestyle’ with 90% glossy adverts and ‘Stylist’ a chunky 76 pages on The Art Project as the main theme for this weeks issue.
Last and probably least but most costly was a 16 page, smaller, 8″ square brochure printed for Leeds Council. Entitled ‘Taking the lead’ it is a summary of the strategy for sport and recreation in Leeds 2006 to 2012.
Only just in time could be a new mantra for local authorities as six and two thirds of the seven year period covered has already been and gone.

Sunday Newspaper Print

My experience with free magazines got me on edge counting the weekend papers. The Sunday paper had 6 newsprint sections, two gash supplements and two glossy magazines.
That excludes the free loose inserts advertising shirts, furniture, bodyline classes and Sky.
I would be remiss in not thanking the lady who delivered a 328 page Ikea catalogue to me in the garden on Saturday. Unlike newsprint it wont turn into compost but you can’t have everything.

Think of the environment and resist the urge to print out this article!
Spare a thought for printers who work at printing not printers that sit on a desk next to a computer and squirt ink around. This alternative printer has 3 parts, the case, the jammed paper tray and the blinking red light.

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