Halloween In Haworth

My simple advice would be don’t do it, parking in Haworth that is, unless you are prepared for the clampers. I had heard many apocryphal tales about the private car park at the top of main street in Haworth where they obsessively look for cars not parked straight or ones that over stay be one minute. Even Christa Ackroyd has commented on the parsimonious way the owner treats visitors to Haworth.
Having just ‘parked myself for a cuppa and butty’ in the excellent Apothecary Tea Rooms I saw the sign warning tea drinkers to drink up and check their car or risk a £75 clamp or worse. Knowing I had parked at the bottom of the Cobbles in a council car park I was less worried except I had been unable to pay in either of the broken and vandalised parking machine. The signs told me numerous time to pay on entry but I would look like these former parkers if I had waited to get a ticket.

It was Halloween weekend and the whole of Haworth had made an effort to join in the spirit with spirit. Eight foot dragons roamed the cobbled street and the wicca influence was wicked. The town is ideal for this sort of festivity and a walk around the church grave yard crammed with Gothic grave stones was spooky.

That Betty Boo is really frightening

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  2. The sign in the top picture is not in the The “Clamper’s” Changegate Carpark. It is in the one at the top of Weavers Hill which is Council owned.

    There is plenty of alternative parking to Changegate carpark including the Medical Centre at weekends, but if you do park there (Changegate) make sure you

    1 – Park straight within the lines
    2 – Display prominently and correct way up a ticket that you have bought from the machine
    3- Return to your car a few minutes before your ticket is due to run out

  3. Tony says:

    Sounds like a lovely town but talk about worldwide bad press generated by the greedy clampers, second week running for a mention in the Sydney Morning Herald and reposted numerous times to FB: http://www.smh.com.au/travel/letters-solution-to-bag-security-on-international-flights-20120622-20t7d.html

    We realise parking restrictions are needed, heavy handed bully tactics are not. Haworth does not need this reputation and only the residents can act to fix it and hopefully let prospective travellers know the issue is resolved. That is, unless they enjoy the notoriety. Time will tell.