Google Can’t Talk Tyke

Google helps direct readers to our Gods Own County website. Several hundred people a day were able to read one of our pages that related to the words or phrase they had searched for using Google’s search engine. We were happy with that although we would always want to contact more readers.
From this week Google have changed and now send less than a quarter of the traffic to our pages. Have they forgotten to speak Yorkshire or Tyke? It isn’t a hard dialect to follow and Google coped for last few years.
The answer is in algorithmically putting our pages much lower in the searches even for clear phrases you may be searching.

We haven’t done anything different to deserve this down grading.
Our content is largely unique and a bit off the wall. Not all pages appeal to all people which is why search is important to us.
Regular readers use the RSS feed which can arrange for our pages to be automatically emailed or streamed to you. If you have n’t tried it sign up from the red button.
We have been old fashioned dinosaurs and avoided new social media like Facebook and twitter but may be we have been twits not to link to them.

Perhaps we will have to resurrect our own Goole Search Engine first launched on a n unsuspecting public in spring 2009.

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