Good Things About Leeds

Leeds upon Aire is the new seaside location in the middle of Yorkshire. Snorkeling, scuba diving and muddy beaches are waiting for the intrepid visitor. No money at all has been spent on making this a holiday destination of a life time.


The Good Things

  • The road to Hull but beware the M62 also goes to that other place.
  • Road to Bradford via Pudsey or any other road out of the city for that matter.
  • The ring road so you do not have to go into the city centre – not that the Burghers of Leeds want any cars near their city judging by the atrocious parking and one way system.  They might as well put up no entry signs!
  • Leeds bus station a very convenient 1.2 miles from Leeds railway station. That’s the way the silly Burghers encourage the use of public transport.
  • Only slightly better are the roads to Harry Ramsdens, Bryans and Murgatroyds gold plated fish and chip shops in Guiseley, Headingley and Yeadon.

Take a weekend in Leeds, if you dare and still want to  after all this,  ‘Leeds love it live it’ 

On a positive note ……….

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