Yorkshire Men Looking Their Best

Many a sergeant major has bawled ‘Get Your haircut you ‘orrible little man’ as they did in the Carry on Sergeant films. Modern day recruits and city gents now have a far wider choice of  methods of ‘grooming’ their hair and ‘improving’ their appearance..


The old standby, the traditional barbers is still a firm favourite. How many still have copies of Picture Post or Punch on display? Not many they are too posh but Titbits then that’s a whole different issue.

Short back and sides, a bit of a trim or a square neck were and still may be the top injunctions to the traditional barber. Anything else drives the barber up the pole.

Barber pole

DIY hair has moved on from the traditional pudding basin. Some of the results may not be all that different however. Still for less than £30 you can buy a modern trimmer to do your own (Pudding basin not included.) This should appeal to cost consious Yorkshire folk as it will save paying money to have someone trim your hair for you. It also encourages a more regular trim as it costs nowt after the the trimmer is bought .

Book Cover

Grooming Salon

A new kid on the block is the ‘Salon’.
This is the more upmarket and therefore expensive male version of the ladies hairdresser. The Refinery is London’s one-stop Grooming Emporium for men offering barbering, skincare and spa treatments in exclusive luxury retreats.

Who would want to colour their hair?
More to the point would you want to colour your hair this weird shade of green (or is that just advertising blurb)? Oh the mighty Mekon might.

men's hair color


Tweezerman Essential kits should sell on the name only.
Book Cover

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Avon calling – your doorbell is broke!
If you are not broke  then Avon sell a Mens grooming Kit via amazon It includes a Hair Trimmer for Nose, Ears, Eyebrows and Beard and costs about £12.50. All those hairy parts other trimmers can’t reach.

Yorkshire Grooming Tips

  • Use fluff out of your navel and finger nail dirt to sow your lettuce.
  • Wash your neck every 29th of February
  • Spuds in your socks can be attractive to the opposite sex
  • Neither spit or snot should be green, nor spread over your face.
  • Baldness like insanity is hereditary, you get it from your kids
Barbers Pole ae1106 creative commons license
Men’s hair color by mag3737 creative commons license
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