Dour d’Yorkshire

What Defines a Dour Yorkshireman

  • Yorkshire folk have a hard won but well deserved reputation of being on the right side of taciturn.
  • Some may think us curmudgeonly but that does a disservice to those grumps who really are.
  • At time we may seem laconic but we are intensely involved in our core interests and especially all that ‘gods county’ has to offer.
  • Dour is as dour does, but gruff we may sometimes seem. Generally we¬† are self-contained self confident and well short of surly or sullen.
  • More inclined to be sardonic than sarcastic particularly when expressing the Yorkshire sense of humour.
  • Being thought to be ‘tight with brass’ is no skin off our nose as we aren’t overly concerned about the views of others.

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