Old Amos Nowt but a Great Old Dalesman

Nowt but Old Amos

  • It is better to ‘ave nowt than do nowt.
  • A laugh at your own expense costs nowt
  • He that knows nowt doubts nowt
  • Nowt but rain leaves us all soggy
  • Nowt is as desirable as summat you can’t ‘ave.

This is largely a rehash of a post from a couple of years back. Old Amos is nowt but 66 years old and still pensionless. Some of the priceless quotes of his wisdom come from the Dalesman book ‘More Yorkshire Wit and Wisdom’.

Legendary Yorkshireman Old Amos is 67 this year but regrettably  there will be no pension for Old Amos because he was above pensionable age when he first appeared!

Old Amos has been a fixture at the Dalesman magazine since May 1953 although its first edition was published in 1939 under the original title of ‘The Yorkshire Dalesman: A Monthly Magazine of Dales’ Life and Industry’. Old Amos is still capable of dishing out words of wisdom in Yorkshire dialect.The wry humour of Dalesfolk is continued in current monthly issues of Dalesman now published from Skipton.Book CoverOld Amos Biography

  1. Born in Clapham at the Dalesman maternity unit in 1953. Mother unknown father Rowland Lindup cartoonist with a twist. He must have surprised the midwife by being born with a full white beard, old jacket and hat making him look quite rotund and ancient.
  2. He was originally named ‘Owd Amos’ to differentiate him from the old testament version of Amos who I am sure his subsequent followers knew was one of the¬†Twelve Minor Prophets in the Hebrew Bible and old testament.
  3. Prior to publication he used deed poll to become the more familiar and avuncular ‘Old Amos’ using one aspect of the poll tax to good effect.
  4. His first words were ‘A word of advice – nivver give it’.
  5. Some of his later words were ‘Ah’ve always been too busy to grow old.’ ‘Old age is when it takes twice as long to rest and ‘alf as long to get tired.’ and ‘ It doesn’t matter how old you are but how you are old!
  6. His other biography may be available in Amazon
  7. Very Old Amos lived in the kingdom of Judah and is a prophet in the old testament

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