Environmental Bits

Estuary English or Yorkshire Quotes?

  • ‘Ouch’ -Issac  Newton am urt t’core
  • New £50 notes do not grow on trees
  • Gona-mo or al-clowt-thi-iftha-dunt-giower dumpin dahn khazi.
  • Bubonic plagiarism
  • Dammit I’m Mad –  palindromically
  • pppppp proper prior …..

Green Yorkshire Quips

  • Rubble trouble
  • Plastics are caused by plastic
  • Litterfest
  • 96% of current statistics are made up and so are the other 4
  • Industrial environment slag heaps construction, destruction dilapidation
  • Inner city land usage creates barney rubble
  • Plogging is a Swedish portmanteau word, formed by combining ‘pick up’ and ‘run’. It describes an activity where you run along picking up rubbish.
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