Boozy Flowers of the Dales


Flowers can make fine wines. Try Dandelion or Elderberry flowers for starters.
My preferred beverage is Nettle beer (if real ale is not available of course).

If you do not want to grow and brew your own then why not go for a walk. I don’t mean to be funny but the Flowers of the Dales Festival is arranging a ‘Boozy Flower Walk from Ingleborough as part of a large programme of events. Start and finish at the Tan Hill Inn! What could be better.
During Ingleton folk festival the Tan Hill Inn hosts the comic song competition. Worth a visit if you can get in it is generally packed.

The Festival for the Flowers of the Dales 2016 is running from March to October with 100’s of events.

Bat walks, photography classes, Keasden flowers, Hackfall bluebells, and painting flowers at Malham are just some of the events.

I have just discovered other Boozy walks planed for 21 May in Swaledale, 11 June in Austwick, 16 July Wharfedale and 20 August in Wensleydale

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You probably wont see these flowers on your boozy walks but you can drink in the colour from this photograph.


If you visit the Welcome to Yorkshire web site and search for boozy walks you get a list, the top 4 of which are in LANCASTER. Have we moved the boundaries at last. If not why are we wasting Yorkshire promotional brass on foreign places. Don’t bother linking

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