Wisden on Yorkshire and Yorkshire on Wisden

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Yorkshire lad Duncan Hamilton has produced a tour-de-force for Wisden and a compilation about all that is great about Yorkshire Cricket.
This season is shaping up to be great year too so expect another edition soon but buy a first edition from Amazon

  • The blurb on the book undersells the county a bit……’Yorkshire County Cricket Club is by far the most successful county cricket club in history.’
  • The facts are made to speak for themselves……’Since the County Championship was constituted in 1890, Yorkshire has in addition to one shared Championship, won it outright on 30 occasions and Yorkshire cricket supporters take great pride in the county’s cricketing history’.
  • The characters get a reasonable billing……….’As well as the club’s successes, there have been 42 Yorkshire players chosen as Wisden Cricketers of the Year. Many have been world-class cricketers such as Wilfred Rhodes, Len Hutton, Fred Trueman and Geoffrey Boycott, with distinguished England careers.’ Do not forget Yorkshire man Jim Laker who never played for his home county.
  • Yorkshire cricket seems to have helped to keep Wisden in business…………..’Many thousands of Wisden pages have been filled with Yorkshire cricket, Yorkshire cricketers and Tests in Yorkshire.’

What is the book about? ‘Wisden on Yorkshire is a fascinating journey mixing great matches, personalities, feats, controversies and unusual occurrences. Presenting the best Yorkshire information from the Almanack archives,

  • Focus on the iconic Yorkshire players, such as Truman and Boycott
  • Cricketers of the Year and Obituaries.
  • The County’s history, highlighting significant years and extracts from reviews of those years.
  • Fascinating stories of both the highs and lows in the club’s history.
  • Colour plate section containing superb classic images.
  • Detailed records, match reports and scorecards.

We also recommend reading Slipless In Settle: A Slow Turn Around Northern Cricket by Harry Pearson is a book on Yorkshire Village and League cricket that will give you a wry smile or three.

Book Cover
‘A witty rumination on Yorkshire cricketers and the nature of manliness … very good indeed … offers some chucklesome insights into the personalities involved’ — We’ll Get Them in Sequins traces the style & ups & downs of Yorkshire cricket through seven cricketers from George Hirst (1871 – 1954) through Sutcliffe, Verity, Trueman, Boycott, and Gough to Michael Vaughan (1974 – ) using this to illustrate changes in the ideas of manliness through that time.

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