Knot a Knott or Not

This post is ‘not’ yet well read. So if I say ‘get knotted’ I am expressing contemptuous rejection not suggesting you should get married.
Knott a garden

Knot garden creating a series of small rooms by using a low hedge.

Knotted wrack.

Knotted wrack, Ascophyllum nodosum at low tide on the south-east side of Loch Eriboll.
With thanks to shandchem creative commons license on flickr


Knot hole in a not whole piece of wood.

dutch 023

A loose knot or a slip knot, not much use for tying up this boat

Seixoeira / knot

A flight of knots not taking to the air also called Seixoeira or calidris canutus.
With thanks to jwerde creative commons license on flickr


When not traveling on water speed is not measured in knots but by plane or ship knots count as speed. Sailors used to make their speed measurement with a knotted rope


Knotweed from Japan but now burrowing deep into British soil if give half a chance. Root it out if you can! It is strong enough to break through concrete and not what you want in your garden.

In a branch of mathematics there is Knot theory but not for those with Dyscalculia. See Warwick University Knot theory for more elucidation.
Not Joke

Arnside Knot

Arnside Knott is the lowest Marilyn, a hill with over 150 m of topographic prominence. A Marilyn is a low knott or hillock, not a Munroe.

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