Yorkshires Climbing Walls


It is enough to drive you up the wall – literally. There are new walls going up all over the country and no more so than in Yorkshire. Gone is the popular image of a beardy bloke with bobble hat climbing Kilnsey Crag (although he is still there as well). Enter the indoor sports and climbing enthusiast climbing a purpose built facility. Often they are upwardly mobile in several senses.

Leeds University can claim the first indoor wall built in 1964 to help climbers to keep fit during winter nights and days. Don Robinson would admit his low brick wall with chiselled holes was primitive by current standards. At my local sports and leisure centre Guiseley they built an early wall that was opened by Chris Bonnington.

The Leeds Wall is said to rival Kilnsey Cragg due to its fierce overhangs and Sheffield 1990 saw the opening of a complex wall resembling an indoor crag.

Moving up to date the video was taken at the relatively new Harrogate Climbing Centre where they run and post bouldering league results. ‘Things are hotting up, especially in the Under 16 categories, keep going guys, let’s see who comes out the winner!
It’s all still to play for in the adult women’s round though, let’s see a few more girls taking part 1st March 2011’.
To go with the physical exercise and the social side they also run a series of workshops such as one to focus on helping climbers to enhance their training by learning about how the mental side of climbing can help or restrict performance. Plus practical techniques to reduce barriers and maximise your focus, concentration and motivation…


Outdoor Bouldering Sites in Yorkshire
Earls Crag with overhangs and lips.
At Scugdale the most popular spot is Scot Crag with climbs at every grade but best for the easier grades. Barkers Crags is quieter but has the best selection of quality climbs at every grade. Stoney Wicks is the smallest outcrop with climbs rarely above 3m high but is in a pleasant east facing situation and makes for a great warm up area. Snotterdale is the least popular, hidden away in the woods, it does however have a number of climbs that are worth seeking out especially on a windy day. A recently published venue at the head of Scugdale is White Stone
Crookrise is a good old-fashioned gritstone escarpment, located north of Skipton

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