Glide around Baildon


From Dobrudden farm and the surrounding area you will see many model planes and enthusiasts. If there nwas a pilot in the balsa wood plane they would get a rapidly changing picture of path ways, slopes, bracken and clouds.

Baildon moor from Hawksworth

Baildon Facts

Trench Meadows near Shipley Glen is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Denso Marston Nature reserve is near Baildon bottom Charlestown.
Bracken Hall countryside centre is worth a visit with the kids. It is on Shipley Glen and can be reached via the glen tramway.
Baildon has a population of 15,500
Baildon has been inhabited for eons as the cup and ring stones on the moor testify but was first recorded in AD 835 in a letter from the King to the Archbishop of York.
Hall Cliffe Community Garden is near the Ian Clough Hall.
Baildon railway station has only one platform and a single track on the section from Shipley to Ilkley.
A commuter zone for Leeds and Bradford of which it is part.

Areas that are part of Baildon

Otley Road
Tong Park
Shipley Glen
Baildon Moor
Milner Field

Read Views and Walks over Baildon and see Trig points

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