Tags Tagged and Tagging or Tig

Playground Game of Tag or Tig

The rules for Tag are simple.
First decide who is ‘it’ and everyone else run away.
If the person who is ‘it’ tags or touches you, you are ‘it’.
When you are ‘it’ try to tag someone else so that they will become ‘it’ in your place.
In hospital tag you have to hold the part where you were tagged.
As a worldwide game it has more names and variations on the main theme than one child could dream up including tip, tick, tig ( my Yorkshire favourite), tiggy, dobby, dob, it and chasey.
According to Peter Fielding the popular local game of Tig in Wes’ Bowling in Bratfudd after the war had various rules:
“‘Ye can’t tig yer butcher!’ – meaning you can’t tig the one who ‘tigged’ (tugged?) you.
Any prospective ‘butcher’ who tried to tig someone who was claiming sanctuary from being tigged may have heard ‘You can’t tig me, ah’m Barloo (or Barlow)!’



Time was when ‘Tag’ was a playground game until your school uniform came with a price tag. Now you can have a personal tag that you use when out spraying graffiti like the graffito on shown above or on our photographs that are tagged on Flickr.

So wikipedia and online dictionaries now classify different types of tags under generic headings such as identification tags, computing tags, sport, media, language, logistics, natural science and other tags!

On being let out of HMP Doncaster you can be tagged with a tag for tagging a wall as a form of curfew punishment.



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