Ee by Gum Bikes

Are E-bikes the end of cycling as we know it. Ee by gum Leeds council don’t think so as they have spent ages and a large fortune on reshaping the city center.  This picture highlights it is not the ‘end of end of’ but the start of an extended traffic free zone to make more space for dangerous e-scooters. Ee by gum who elected these numpties


Beryl Burton will be turning on her spinner as a firm using her name is running the Leeds Ebike loan rental initiative. ‘An estimated 300 e-bikes will be available initially, from conveniently located docking stations around the city. The bike allocation will double in size over the first 6 months of the service.’ How many will be out of commission or stolen in the first 6months of operation.

Local press comment

Apropos nothing but I don’t know what is going on; it is the first day this year that it is not raining buckets. Time for Yorkshire Water to introduce another hosepipe ban. Ee by gum floods are us in 2024.

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