Great North Road Facts

To some the Great North Road (GNR) goes from London to York. Others remember the Romans wanted to travel to Scotland and have the GNR ending in Edinburgh. Either way it has been a Yorkshire thoroughfare for centuries. It is now largely constrained by the A1.

Angel of the North

This large statue south of Newcastle but north of Yorkshire  on the Great North Road was conceived and designed by Anthony Gormley. His Angel of the North rises above the A1 north of Yorkshire but not surprisingly the steel and fabrication for its construction came from Hartlepool. Anthony Gormley attended Ampleforth College a Yorkshire Benedictine boarding school.

Extract with Yorkshire distances from London ….  ‘The
GREAT NORTH ROAD The Old Mail Road to Scotland’


Rossington Bridge (cross River Tome) 157¾
Tophall 158¾
Doncaster (cross River Don) 162¼
Bentley 164
Owston 167¾
Askerne (cross River Went) 169¼
Whitley (cross Knottingley and Goole Canal) 174
Whitley Bridge 175
Chapel Haddlesey (cross River Aire) 175½
Burn (cross Selby Canal) 179¼
p. xiiBrayton 180¾
Selby (cross River Ouse) 182¼
Barlby 183¾
Riccall 186
Escrick 189¼
Deighton 190½
Gate Fulford 195
York 196¾


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