Amusing Yorkshire Lines

Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire.

Scarborough warning – A word and a blow, and the blow first.

Richard of York gained battle in vain

From Hull, Hell and Halifax lord deliver us

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, Out, Out, Out.

“Leeds had been the dirtiest and most cynical team in the country in the late Sixties and early Seventies, and from my soap-box as manager of Derby and the best pundit on television I had said so on numerous occasions.’  After 44 days in the Leeds United managers job  Brian Clough was told you’re fired

Stop crying or i’ll gi thi summert to cry about!

They don’t have a Whipma-Whapma Gate in the Land of Green Ginger

‘I shall get well, I shall get well and I shall live for ever and ever and ever’ called to Mary Lennox by her Yorkshire cousin in ‘The Secret Garden’.

Last of the Summer Wine     ‘How do lads’.        Compo ‘Have you seen a canoe?’  ‘What colour?!’        ‘Oh yes, I can see all them jolly pirates singing their Yorkshire sea shanties: Yo ho ho, and a bottle of John Smiths’.                           Marina to Compo about Cleggy running away .”Where ‘s he off to in such a hurry ?” Compo….” He’s got a donkey to catch!”

‘….. then us’ll all ha’ etten thee’. QED quod erat demonstrandum as Constantine the Great used to say.

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