Aldborough Facts Interesting and Unusual

Aldborough Cross
Aldborough is a pretty village 15 miles northwest of York and just to the south-east of Boroughbridge. It has a village green and Maypole but is famous for having being built on the site of a major Roman town, Isurium Brigantum, which marked the crossing of Dere Street over the River Ure.

What did the Romans Ever do for Aldborough

  • Aldborough was originally called Isurium Brigantum and was probably the base of the Ninth Legion.
  • It was the ‘capital’  for the Romanised Brigantes, the largest tribe in Britain.
  • Romans left enough remains to create a  museum now run by English Heritage. It contains a number of relics of the Roman town, including some colourful and special mosaic pavements.
  • One corner of the defences is laid out amid a Victorian arboretum where  two mosaic pavements can be viewed in their original positions.
  • The site museum has an outstanding collection of Roman finds and objects, pottery, ornaments, coins, etc and other ‘hands-on’ aids for children and families.

More Modern Facts

  • A plaque near the village green commemorates the RAF crew who lost their lives but avoided crashing into the village.
  • The stocks in front of this plaque were removed from the square in Boroughbridge, when the medieval church in the square was demolished in 1851.
  • The local hostelry is called The Ship Inn, Aldborough
  • In the 18th century Aldborough was a pocket borough returning 2 MP’s when big cities had no representation at the houses of parliament. Pitt the Elder was one such Aldborough MP. (perhaps the Romans taught us this form of government)

Aldborough St Andrews

St Andrew’s Church

  • St Andrew`s Church was partially destroyed by Scots raiders in 1318.
  • The present building is the third church to occupy what is thought to be the site of a Roman Temple of Mercury.
  • The north wall dates from around 1330, and carries a brass of William de Aldeburgh dating from around 1360.
  • The  battle cross commemorating the Battle of Boroughbridge 1322 was moved to Aldborough from the medieval church in Boroughbridge.


Unusual And Interesting Facts

  • Not to be confused with the village of Aldbrough which is situated in the vale of Holderness, on the east coast of Yorkshire. Nor Aldbrough St John, Richmond, North Yorkshire
  • Aldborough is in the West Riding for ecclesiastical purposes but the North Riding for postal issues.
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton visited North Yorkshire to attend Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and Louise Stourton’s wedding ceremony in Aldborough Parish Church in January 2011.
  • ‘Aldborough May Day is an event that occurs each May in the village of Aldborough, North Yorkshire.’ ( ‘Wow’ from Aldborough’s May Day website )  At least they do have a Maypole and a May Queen Kate take note!

Aldborough Maypole


Old Maps UK

Roman Treacle Mines


Solar panels beat wind farms aesthetically and energy production to cost on the village green.

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