Not Yorkshire Day August 1st

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There are so many days for this, that and the other. So I am starting a ‘Not Day’ collection.
Not Good Friday will be on a Saturday and Not Christmas Day will be on every day but 25th December each year. Not Condom day will be a day celebrated by lots of little kids and Not School Day will not be celebrated by parents.

August 1st 2011 was Muslim Not Eating Day as it was the first day of Ramadan. In Scotland it is not Not Fried Mars Bar Day ‘cos everyday is fried Mars bar day even on this sorry excuse for a bank holiday.

Overseas there will be a French Not Bastille Day n’est pas, or as the book shows Not tonight Josephine day. America was never discovered on Not Columbus Day, Not Buddha Slimming Days will be frequent and Chinese New Year is Not Yuan Tan or a way of counting sheep.

Not Today T shirts will be available to wear instead of Not Sex and Drugs and Sausage Roll shirts.

USA is Not Independent today! (Boston tea party will take place in Boston Spa)

Not A Word in Yorkshire

‘Yorkshire people worry that Yorkshire Day has become a media and marketing jamboree, perpetuating stereotypes of whippets, black puddings and flat caps.’ Others have called it a ‘Masonic Jamboree’ because of its impressive list of council leaders and officials.’ Well it is Not in code says the Grand Master Da Vinci.

‘It is almost as artificial as Father’s Day, which, as all thrifty northerners know, was created to sell more greetings cards.’ On terminal one baht ‘at, but wi’ gradely fish and chips; Yorkshire Day The Times, 1 August 1991

Look North will be hosting a special programme Not Harry Gration Again Day whilst the Murdochs have to give up ideas of publishing Not the Sun on Sunday.

Not Boxing Day celebrates the female side of the sport which is flourishing, and West Yorkshire has one of the top female boxers in the world in Nicola Adams of Hard & Fast ABC.
Bob a Job is to be reinstated by the Scout movement as Not Knot? whose were day.

Not Day-O wont be sung by Harry ‘banana boat’ Belafonte

Yorkshire Riding Society
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Let us know your Not Day

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