More Modern Mosaics in Yorkshire

Four years ago I was much taken by the roman mosaics in Aldborough Рit is well worth a visit. Isurium Brigantum  was a Roman fort and town that has left us with several mosaic treasures including some housed at Leeds museum. That interest led to the post about mosaicing as a hobby and this is a link back to that content.

It seems the Yorkshire sculpture park has caught up with the current interest in the subject. There is a current and colourful display in the lower field. Before, after or during a snack children can colour-in or create there own version of mosaicart at the learning center.

This was just an excuse to rehash old interests but as the Romans would say ‘If you have an ear for them it is time to face the mosaic’.

There are lots on new mosaic courses and opportunities in Otley, Pateley Bridge  and Huttons Ambro near York to highlight just 3.

What did the Romans ever do for us except bring mosaic virus with their tomatoes.

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