Tyke Taverner – Timothy Taylor’s Top Tipples

As a veteran beer drinker and former member of the campaign for real ale, CAMRA, I am embarrassed to find there are 17 local branches in towns and cities across the county. I only discovered this fact only from reading the bimonthly magazine Tyke Taverner, the beer consumers’ magazine, supplied to pubs and clubs in Bradford and beyond.

  1. Barnsley:  barnsleycamra.org.uk
  2. Bradford: bradfordcamra.org.uk
  3. Cleveland: clevelandcamra.org.uk
  4. Doncaster: doncastercamra.org.uk
  5. Halifax & Calder:  hxcalderdalecamra.org.uk
  6. Harrogate & Ripon:harrogateandriponcamra.org.uk
  7. Heavy Woolen: heavywoollencamra.org.uk
  8. Huddersfield:  huddscamra.org.uk
  9. Hull & East Yorkshire:  hull.camra.org.uk
  10. Keighley & Craven:keighleyandcraven.camra.org.uk
  11. Leeds:  leeds-camra.com
  12. North West Yorkshire:  nwyorkscamra.co.uk
  13. Rotherham: rotherhamcamra.org.uk
  14. Scarborough:scarborough.camra.org.uk
  15. Sheffield:sheffieldcamra.org.uk
  16. Wakefield:  wakefieldcamra.org.uk
  17. York:  york.camra.org.uk

Haversack ale is a clever name and one of Timothy Taylors range that used to include Ram Tam that has been renames Landlord Dark.  Cook Lane is named after the site of Timothy Taylor’s first brewery in Keighley. It is meant to create a best in class modern 5.8 abv IPA using aromatic English grown Cascade and Chinook hops.

Not Taylors but a different session pale ale that caught my eye but not my throat is Dare of the Hog look out for it in Whitby or a blue pig sty.

Information from the Walkers Crispy issue of Tyke Taverner March/April 2020

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