19th Century Leeds Lad John Atkinson Grimshaw

John Atkinson Grimshaw - Whitby [1883]Whitby Looking South 1883

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What would an artist want to be remembered for? An appreciation of his or her works irrespective of genre, perceived or intrinsic value? A combination of factors doubtless but that is probably not why they started painting.

JAG is remembered for his northern scenes with wet streets, winter afternoons, moon-lit nights and gaslit docksides. Perhaps we now think of his paintings as representing ‘it’s grim up north’. (but no it’s Grimshaw up North)

JAG died from TB at a relatively early age of 53. As a younger painter he was sponsored by the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society which still operates as a local charity and helps fund the Leeds City Galleries

Painting fresh air or wet smokey atmospheres  for that matter is reminiscent of JWM Turner who was renown for his landscapes and seascapes. Like JAG many of  his exceptional paintings were executed in Yorkshire.

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