Painter Christopher Bramham

Yorkshire born former Bradford Art College student Christopher shares his surname with a Leeds village Bramham cum Oglethorpe.

‘Christopher Bramham new work‘  from jonathan clark fine art available from amazon and others 

From an introduction by Sebastian Smee, the Australian-born  art critic for the Washington Post, we learn about CB’s fascination with Henri Matisse and his work from his Nice period around 1919.

CB’s next friend to be referenced in the introduction is Lucien Freud along side his strong 1989 portrait at the start of the book. He also offers up a useful quote from LF ‘nothing is so insignificant that you can’t  trouble over it’, a mantra I should take to heart in my artistic endeavours.

Lessons from CB’s drawing shown in the 50 or so photographs includes the use of a variety of hatching, coloured light and withholding to emphasise shine, opacity and texture in addition to modelling. I particularly like the extended pages that show detail that highlights to me the variety of texture CB generates.

I am new to CB’s work but found the style and attention to detail very much to my taste. I will be looking out for examples of his work in the Yorkshire galleries.

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