Idle Entrepreneurs Or Working Men


Idle Working Mens Club is an oxymoron that has raised a smile or two in it’s time. Since opening in 1926 the rugged building has been extended not only in size but in membership which is now open to Idle working women.
As the title suggests it also comprises some Idle Entrepreneurs who have latched on to the clubs name to help raise funds for the Candlelighters Charity. They are selling an honorary membership to the Idle Working Mens Club for £10. Amongst these honorary members are Roger Moore, Lester Piggott, Michael Jackson, Uri Geller, Mohammed Al Fayed, Tom O’Connor, and Paul Gascoigne – so that is a Saint on a horse who thrillingly bends spoons from a posh shop in a way that is so funny that it makes you cry.

Had his chips

Idle today is a revitalised community with lots of places of entertainment and new affordable housing is being built. The village atmosphere is unlikely to return to that of the Edwardian heydays. In the 1950-60’s trolley buses ran past the top and bottom of Idel on their way to Saltaire and Greengates and there were at least 3 cricket grounds. The United Reform Church has been rebuilt and the cemetery is a testament to many local families and contains a surprising number of First World War white marker stones.

I went to Idle youth club, did some courting and still make the journey to visit the village for the odd drink and fish & chips.
Next door village is Greengates the home of Air on a G spot
If you want to play guitar in the Aire valley then call in to this shop at Greengates just up the road from Idle and the swollen river itself.
However, if like me you have settled for the Air Guitar then I can sell you one for around £25.

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