Indifferent to Yorkshire?

Yorkshire museum

I would rather be:

Indecisive than in Lancashire
Indentured than live in Accrington
Intellectual than in Blackpool
Indifferent than in Burnley
Inflammatory than in Manchester
Insouciant than in Preston

I would also rather be:

Inebriated than be intemperate
Involuted than inextricably abstruse
Insular than in solitary confinement
Individual than be in with the in-crowd
Intense than sleeping under the stars
Indignant than invidiously Lancastrian
Incontinent than in Europe

More Jokey Bits

How do you make a Liverpudlian Omlette? First steal three eggs…….
A teacher asked the class what ‘indifferent’ meant and one Yorkshire lad put his hand up and said it meant ‘nice’.
A bit puzzled the teacher ask him why he thought that and the lad replied ‘well last night when my mum and dad were in bed my mum said “ooh that’s nice” and my dad said “yes its indifferent.”

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