Do Not Level Up Yorkshire

Boris, thanks but no thanks, keep you gerrymandering and  self serving for the so called social and political elite. Yorkshire doesn’t need leveling up we are already at a terrific pinnacle and have been for many centuries. We would rather have engineering rather than social engineering and old fashioned tinkers rather than political tinkering and the leveling up agenda is talking down to Yorkshire folk.

 Reasons not To Level Up

  • We don’t want swarms of ‘devouring, tax eating  southerners’ buying up our homes as buy to let properties to make quick capital gains
  • Keep the 3 peaks peaky!  Cut bureaucracy down to size, do not take a slice off the top off our hills and dales.
  • If you level up land including our national parks our great rivers will flood (Some already do ed). We don’t want to be level and boring and end up like a flat Netherlands.
  • Leave the leveling up party in Downing Street. They are not saving our breweries, we can do that on our own.
  • We want to ‘keep us heads level’ as they always were and still are.
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