Found Items – Yorkshire Poets

Not a big surprise but I had never heard of a poetess called Trudy Blacker until I chanced on a neatly transcribed short poem. I put it in my found items collection.

Extract From ‘County Treasures’ by Trudy Blacker

A date upon a mellowed house
Initials side by side
Tell how some long dead Yorkshireman
Once built  it for his bride.

The treasure trail is endless
And he who seeks may find
The little things, the lovely things
That history left behind.

The only published work by Trudy that I could find was ‘Where Fields Are Green’ Published by The Ridings Publishing Co, Driffield, 1969
She also had a published item in ‘This England winter 1975 ¬† Stilton Cheese Fairs’ by Trudy Blacker

My Pathetic Scansion free Poetic attempt

I have a small collection of found items that I keep for no reason at all
None have shown any use or purpose but these travails are really so small
Opening a prewar Yorkshire book acquired from a charity shop
I found within, a hand written poem that caught me on the hop.

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