Bacon and Egg Butties

I set a mission to champion the best of post lock down sandwiches and started to focus on Yorkshires ‘bacon and egg butties’. So far I have gained another couple of inches and a renewed taste for this morsel. Today at the Refresh Cafe Manor Row Bradford¬† I had a great butty with 3 slices of bacon, a perfectly fried egg in a simple tea cake with no extraneous grease, fat or dripping. Still it was an 8.7 on my unctuousness scale.

A previous effort in Baildon was less well received with a thicker and dry bread cake which I am scoring 5.8 for effort rather than unctuousness. The best cafes are those catering for building and outdoor workers who know a good thing when they are served it. Lower Baildon has such a cafe and I have returned a couple of times so it must have been alright.

Top of my favourites is where the bacon is slightly over cooked so the fat seems to be slightly caramelised but the meat remains dry and of good substance. A slight crunch adds a new texture to go with unctuousness.The worst sarnie is ‘assembled’ from bacon that has been precooked and kept warm creating a cardboard effect that even a free range egg can’t correct. Cafes in supermarkets and M&S suffer from this 3.0 score.

I prefer a sit down cafe so I can have a cuppa and read any free paper. It is no fun outdoors in the cold with yoke running down your chin.

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