Flying Scotsman or Not


Sorry I need to get out and find a photograph of the real thing.

Flying Scotsman in Yorkshire

A free exhibition until 19th June in The National Railway Museum Gallery. It is focusing on the celebrity of arguably the world’s most famous locomotive.

  • Why is Flying Scotsman so well-known and how has that fame manifested itself?
  • What is it about this particular engine that has captured the imagination of generations worldwide?
  • Where can we see the engine in full steam?
  • Capture some truly special shots at our morning and evening photography sessions. This event takes place at Locomotion Shildon
1 June The Tynesider (Cleethorpes to Morpeth via York)
15 June London Euston to Holyhead (Flying Scotsman hauling Crewe to Holyhead return)
25 June The Yorkshireman (London Victoria to York)
2 July The Hadrian (Leicester to Carlisle)
10 July The Waverley (York to Carlisle)
17 July The Waverley (York to Carlisle)
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