Yorkshire Retailers Welcome Panic Buyers

Fish & Chips Shops

  • Oh my Cod, how many Cod Fathers are there to a flounder?I will have to check on Fishbook
  • Open on Frydays all over Yorkshire not just the Chip in Dales
  • A Fish Called Rhondda
  • The Prawnbroker may get a bell from The Town Fryer
  • The New Cod on the Block may be called Plaice Station
  • If you think this is a load of Codswallop you should see the southern chippy Battersea Cod’s Home selling catfish

Other Retailers

  • Why don’t Boots  sell boots, and Selfridges don’t sell fridges

Boroughbridge 008

Ali’s Barbers is a cut above the rest but doesn’t make Aladdin appear.

Have you a favorite misleading street signs or one that downright lies like the one above. Even in Ilkley wells do not walk. Wells gush or flow, store and seep and cover for Yorkshire water when there is a drought. Tying to our earlier theme there is Frying Pan Alley in the east end of London where the eels and fish and chips are southern are soggy.

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