Grand Old Duke

When I titled this as the Grand Old Duke I was thinking of York but the heritage spud not the second son of the Queen (you could say her errant spud.)

Prince Andrew former husband of Fergie (Sarah Ferguson)  and friend of Ghislaine has recently resigned from 3 Yorkshire roles. He has left his role as the chancellor of the University of Huddersfield, has resigned from his role as royal patron of the York Minster Fund and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance has thrown him out of the cockpit (sorry withdraw its connection). Looks like he has had his chips and his erstwhile Yorkshire career is mashed up.


First Earlies

  • Duke of York are seed potatoes that have been recognised since  1891
  • They are very popular for their great taste, early harvesting and all-round use.
  • Luckly I have just planted mine but find they are currently hard to obtain as they have fallen victim to Corvid 91. This is not a potato virus but a supply chain issue due to the pandemic. I never expected to see panic buying of heritage seed potato but they are currently hard to obtain.
  • Red Duke of York is a sport of the variety Duke of York first discovered during the WWII




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