Titter and Twitter Ye Not

‘Why not settle all outstanding payments for Windrush, Post Office and Infected Blood scandals immediately. It would save a lot of unnecessary cost and pain (except for Lawyers).’  Why do independent public statutory Inquiry’s take so long and settlements become so protracted.

This was my first post on X since ‘twitter ye not’ as X may not be around next Xmas the way it is going.

Frankie Howerd of ‘titter ye not’ fame was born in York 1n 1917 and was famed as Lurcio in up Pompeii. He appeared in  Carry on Doctor but for some reason they never go around to filming Carry on Tyke where he would be a shoe-in for a big part.

In March 1999 The Dead Comics’ Society  and former colleagues and friends  attended a fund-raising weekend in York. Blue plaque was placed on the Cumberland Street entrance to the Grand Opera House where it was thought that the general public was more likely to see it, with the inscription: “Frankie Howerd OBE 1917-1992. Son of York”. On 26 July 2016, a York Civic Trust plaque was unveiled at at the house where he was born 53, Hartoft Street,

Thanks to CC and wikipedia

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